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Address and contacts setting

The Form – accessible for registered user – allows to change contacts, permanent residence / company address, shipping address.

Contact data can be added, changed and deleted. Highlighted E-mail contact is for browsing data on the internet and it shouldn’t be changed.
Entering and canceling contacts will be clarified on the following example.
User has given one E-mal contact (pstunkova@seznam.cz) and will adding contact, change contact, delete contacts.

Adding contact

Change of contact details - Add contact
One more E-mail contact will be added after sending the following completed form, the user will have 2 E-mail contacts (seznam.cz, hotmail.com).

Changing contact

Change of contact details - 2 contacts
After sending the form - contact (hotmail.com) will be deleted and the new E-mail contact will be added(gmail.com). The user will have 2 E-mail contacts (seznam.cz, gmail.com)

Deleting contact

Change of contact details - Delete contact
Sending a form, in which the user removes the highlighted E-mail contact, generates a report from a website
" You are about to change your email used for loging via internet. Do you really want to send such a request? "
In a similar way works the adding, changing and removing Phone and Mobile.

Changing addresses

In the address of the permanent residence / company address enter a change of address regarding to the permanent residence or company address.

When you select the customer account, the current shipping address will be pre-filled for that account. You can request changes in the shipping address only for a selected customer account or for all customers accounts – in this case mark the sign as Set this address for all cust. accounts.
Change of contact details - change of address
By pressing the “Send” button the request will be sent to processing. In a case there is not filled any mandatory item, the user will be aware of this fact.