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Payment method change

The Form – accessible for registered user – allows to change the method of payment of invoices, advances or refunds (overpayments) on user’s account. If you have more than one customer account, you have to choose the one which is supposed to be changed from pop-up window .
Change of payment method - select customer account
After choosing your customer account, current payment method or advance payments will get automatically filled in. Defined bank connections are showed in the list.
Change of payment method - beginning
If you need to change the payment method of invoices, choose the requested way from the pop-up window. In the corresponding line of the methods of Transfer order, Collection order will be available item - Account. If there is already defined a bank account from which to pay invoices, select the account. If the account is not offered, it is necessary to define the account through the item New account. By selecting this item, other items will appear for editing: Account number, Bank, Collection limit, Currency, which has to be fulfilled according reality. In  item The account number is entered only account number itself (without bank code), in the item Bank is chosen the bank in which the account is maintained, the Currency is predefined with value CZK. For method of SIPO (Encashment order) complete the SIPO number. The procedure is similar to the payment method of advances.
Change of payment method - change
By pressing the “Send” button the request will be sent to processing. In a case there is not filled any mandatory item, the user will be aware of this fact.